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Alset International Limited

Founded by : Chan Heng Fai, 01 Jan 2009

About the Company

Alset International Ltd is a global provider of innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. The company specializes in the development of medical devices and software, and has a strong focus on research and development. With a team of over 200 professionals, Alset International Ltd has established itself as a leader in the healthcare technology sector. The company's products are used in hospitals and clinics around the world, and are known for their reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. Alset International Ltd is committed to improving patient outcomes and is dedicated to advancing the field of healthcare technology.

Industry Type

According to the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) version of March 2023, Alset International Limited’s industry classification falls within the following categories:
  • Sector: Health Care
  • Industry group: Health Care Equipment & Services
  • Industry: Health Care Technology
  • Sub-Industry: Health Care Technology

Company Address

9 Temasek Boulevard, 16-04 Suntec Tower Two. Singapore 038989

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